Kids of Distinction (KOD) is located in the beautiful City of Leesburg, Florida, covering every direction of the city, include: KOD West, KOD East, centrally located is KOD Agape, and KOD South Lake is located in Groveland, Florida . The daycare, preschool, and extended night care, is a  Christian school featuring a broad based program of study with WE LEARN curriculum at its core.  The goal of KOD is to develop character, respect and integrity in the children that it serves. Through biblically-based and reality-conscious teaching, we are able to reach our mission of taking children where they are and helping them become what God would have them to become. Furthermore, introducing children to Jesus Christ in a manner that transform their lives by encouraging them to develop a personal relationship with Him through prayer and a solid foundation of biblical truths is our genuine  focus. With world class educators, KOD strives to inspire students of purpose to become tomorrows leaders in a challenging and spiritual environment.