The VISION of CWC Urban Initiatives

The vision of CWC Urban Initiatives is to build healthy individuals, families and communities for a successful future.

The Message Behind the Vision

COGIC Urban Initiatives is the vision of Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake birthed out of his deep concern about poor academic achievement, financial disenfranchisement, high unemployment, soaring crime levels, the desperate state of the black man and the breakdown of the family that plagues our cities, small and large, urban and rural. It has since been brought in within our local community by our Pastor, John H. Christian, II.

Urban Initiatives will assist our community by making available to them programs and strategies that address:

  • Education (Access, Excellence and Equity)
  • Economic Development (Job Training and Job Creation)
  • Crime Prevention (Reduction, Prevention and Rehabilitation)
  • Family Life (Developing Healthy Men, Women and Children)
  • Financial Literacy (Earning, Saving, Investing, and Spending Wisely)

Attacking the problem from these interrelated perspectives simultaneously will maximize the likelihood of success.


The Mission of CWC Urban Initiatives is to empower the local church to implement programs that address Education, Economic Development, Crime, Family and Financial Literacy. Those programs will result in measurable improvement in the quality of life for individuals, families and communities served by the Church of God in Christ.  We will do this by identifying and replicating best practices from our churches as well as external resources, and making them easily available to all churches utilizing technology and other resources.